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Mission Winnow PMI Ferrari

F1 – Mission Winnow and the elephant in the room

raffaella cardarelli | 20 April 2021

Many think that Philip Morris International’s (PMI) Mission Winnow initiative in Formula 1 is a fuzzy corporate exercise, designed to hide the elephant in the room: the American Group’s controversial end-products. Is it really like that? Or is this rather a simplistic judgement, fuelled with preconceived ideas about the tobacco industry’s historical presence in the circuit? […]

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Episode: 40, Season 3

Hosts: Giles Morgan - at the Captain's table | Guest/s: Bryan Habana

Bryan Habana – one of the most successful South African rugby players of all times – joins the Captain. Bryan’s stellar career includes 124 caps, 67 tries, a Rugby World Cup, a series win Over the British Lions and 3 European Cups.
In association with Loch Lomond Whiskies.

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The Albachiara Chronicle

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What we live, observe and work on everyday, often inspires us to share reflections and insights, which we like to share here with other professionals. It is for us a unique opportunity to transfer our experiences and knowledge and gain new perspectives from all those people, who like to engage into thought-provoking conversations with us. Scratching the surface of things, to better understand the world around us and always be learning.

The Albachiara Podcast

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Today, much of what sport has always meant to true fans, has been lost in a blizzard of corporate communications, fireworks and froth. As a result, the attachments, that were once so strong, seem more trivial in the global age of televised sport as entertainment. What was once authentic, is increasingly staged. In this podcast, we'll get back to the things that sport has always meant to true fans.