Corporate learning

The acquisition or the development of new competences is nowadays a strategic imperative for every business.
Because how it worked yesterday, isn’t going to be today’s answer.
Albachiara is specialised in identifying existing skills gaps and in passing that
knowledge to executives and junior staff alike.

How we operate

The skills gap today is frankly HUGE.
Companies aren’t equipped with the resources they need.

We see what is missing from our daily experience with upcoming innovators. We see this gap widening every day whilst working inside companies, which have lost their competitive advantage.

We know why the former are struggling and we know why the latter are winning.

This is the situation only in Italy

It’s all about people: that mix of fresh talent and mature know-how capable of steering the boat in today’s turbulent and fast-changing waters.

Albachiara transfers all its knowledge into companies wanting to change and improve through talent development.

We do this in a professionally structured, tailored and highly flexible fashion. We can:

Our ultimate objective is making sure that organisations investing in talent development, will gain visible benefits from it in the shortest possible timeframe. Feedback from all of our clients is consistently the best among all their existing and past learning suppliers and this is telling us we are doing it right.


Our didactic approach is always current, innovative, highly interactive and engaging.
No course is the same as the next; each client and set of students is different, also culturally, and adaptability to circumstance is one of the Albachiara axioms.

Our methodology is a powerful mix of face-front didactic and workshops – many workshops – as experiential learning, we know, is the most powerful, the most effective. When needed, we often continue with individual coaching to senior executives. If applicable, we prefer to make the basic knowledge of each course available digitally, to make the classroom the moment of experiential learning.

We have a network of remarkable people, whom we bring to the classrooms (physically or digitally depending on the skills to be developed) directly from their business worlds: entrepreneurs, start-uppers, innovators, top managers in all verticals – but then we mix them with historians, creatives from the advertising and music industry, screenplay writers, inventors, actors, opera singers, comics artists, etc. We are able to deliver the theory behind it, without forgetting to show how its application is relevant for the course participants and how it is changing fast, through current examples coming from traditional and innovation-driven businesses alike.

We leave practical tools to each participant, which they will be able to use immediately to dramatically improve their modus operandi.

We strongly believe that no vertical skill is sufficient without a solid base of horizontal skills. 89% of executives say that it is difficult to find people with soft skills; 92% say that soft skills are as or more important than technical skills (In-learning 2018 March report). This has been our credo for many years, as disciples of Daniel Goleman and his book from the 90s. Emotional intelligence is humanity’s USP in the age of the robot and AI. We at Albachiara firmly believe this to be true.

Our current, most successful stream of courses is, in fact, about Soft Skills applied to disruption. In the world of AI and robotics.

How to link them?

The return of the polymath necessary to look at the reality from different perspectives, to cleverly use technology and surpass it with the uniqueness of the human mind.

The lessons are learned through the use of sequential arts, the ancient masters of philosophy, musicians and actors. The fascinating worlds of theatre, cinema and advertising informing the best way to communicate.

Creatively & Uniquely

In summary, our corporate learning service is based on didactic, coaching and mentoring. Addressed to the young and to the experienced. Based on individual mentoring, group coaching, academy design and lecturing.

And these ingredients:

  1. Core competences gap analysis
  2. Design of customized learning programs and corporate academies with integrated digital platforms
  3. Senior experiences sharing
  4. Innovators, start-uppers and field experts in the classroom
  5. Role-playing case studies of world-class innovators
  6. Hard and soft skills transfer from the most dynamic sectors didactic (sports, music, branding, media, advertising, theatre, sequential arts, etc.)
This is Albachiara.
Consultancy reinvented into nurturing talent,
building and transferring know-how,
in order to grasp any opportunity
today’s digital economy is offering to
the bold, who dare to face change.

Examples of popular single management courses

  1. The art of persuasion and influence in Sales. How to sell your idea. Negotiation and compromise. Politics. Empathy.
    1. The insight seller”
    2. The art of persuasion”
    3. Influencing through story-telling
    4. The Elevator Pitch in the digital age”
  2. Communicating for impact by objectives. Both written and oral. For different audiences. Know your buyer.
    1. Overarching principles of written communication”
    2. Powerpoint is dying. What’s there beyond it?”
    3. Presentation skills: how to customise it by audience, objectives and venues and the art of improvisation”.
    4. The evolution of the business plan: which information really counts and which is the best structure?”
  3. Emotional intelligence and leadership
    1. EQ>IQ – It’s all about ethos, pathos and logos”
    2. “The return of the polymath – developing unique perspectives when observing reality and soft skills applied to disruption. In the world of AI and robotics”
    3. Coaching, team building and team working – the keys to meaningful leadership”
    4. “Effective briefing: a fundamental part of being a leader”
  4. More management skills
    1. Project management skills” – “Business strategy”
    2. Time and management: a sensitive link to effectiveness”
    3. “The sexiest job of the 21st century: the data scientist”
    4. “Management vertical development courses & coaching of most junior, middle management and exec profiles” (Marketing, Sales, Finance, HR, GM in the digital age)”
  5. Vertical industries (Global, Regional and National)
    Update sessions, round tables or workshops to discuss the evolution of various industries, such as:

    1. Sports & content
    2. The world of digital: trends and future scenarios
    3. Digital publishing
    4. Media & creative industries
    5. Technology & communication
    6. Consumer goods
    7. Financial and management consultancy services
    8. Fintech
    9. Edtech
    10. AI, VR, AR, Robotics – what’s in it for me?

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