Sportech accelerator

Albachiara helps clients discover:
• Who their customers are, or should be
What they want, or will want.
• How a business competes to gain market share.
• Which resources are needed.
• How and where a business makes its margins and profits.
• How an organisation should be financed.
From where to source the capital.

How we operate

We love start-ups, scale-ups, innovation and disruption… we like to think of ourselves as a mini-Accelerator.
We see and work with innovation and disruption up close. We only partner with organizations focused on creating or exploiting the” next technological development”. Our bank of knowledge keeps us relevant.

Young companies need the three Cs
Capital | Contacts | Coaching
Albachiara provides all of these, as entrepreneurial risk takers.

We have an impressive record of identifying and assisting the growth of Innovators.

We don’t fall in love with products; we invest to help build a business with these characteristics:

  • strategically sound
  • based on consumers’ real needs
  • powered by top-notch technological/digital solutions
  • fenced by a staged capital raising
  • supported by the right team.

We often perform a competence analysis to identify the professional skills necessary to fulfil the companies’ business objectives.

And we help finding the right people, technically skilled, but also culturally in line with the company’s value set.

One of the major pitfalls of scaling up is losing the focus on the original strategic Vision of the company. This needs far more attention than jumping into unrelated business opportunities.

We coach executives and top management to never lose sight of the shore. One of us will also usually take the corporate governance Chairperson role.

Our work with start-ups and scale-ups has a strategic relevance for Albachiara: it makes it possible for all of us to develop a robust know-how and unique experience relevant to the other services on offer: Strategic C-Suite Management, Corporate Learning, Content and Rights