Strategic marketing management

The Albachiara insight into content comes from the scars left from the devastation of the music business at the turn of the century.
The same unbundling of the product. For PayTV today, read LP.
The same disintermediation driven by tech. The same industry denial.

We have seen this film and it’s now on rerun in the sports and entertainment industries.
But it’s on steroids, because mobile has indeed eaten the world. Kids don’t consume content in any way similar to even 10 years ago. The iPhone and Facebook revolution has changed everything. Look at your children.
Humbly, regarding the sports industry, we like to think we had a vision of this disruption back in 2002, before OTT became a buzzword, and no right holder imagined becoming a media company.
We also seeded what we thought would be the modern music content marketing company in Think Louder.

In short, the sports, music and entertainment industry needs to change.
As do all the sectors that work around this ecosystem,
especially branding, advertising, PR and marcomms in general.


This is how we operate in this changed ecosystem.

How we operate

We help clients engage with their audience with the right content, the right channels, at the right times.
Whether B2B or B2C. External or internal.

We partner formally with the most advanced content agencies in tech, AR/VR to marry innovation and art for full effect.

And we have ALSO made angel investments in many of the sport/media tech startups, including GiveMeSport, Base79, Iosport. Through these and our client base, we like to think we understand the modern content business, from creation, to digital publishing, AI production, data, branded content and subscription.

We also walk the talk. Through the Journal, Albachiara itself likes to consider itself a media company.
Have a look at our work. We are sure we can have a conversation with credibility, whether you need A CONTENT HUB, a platform DISTRIBUTION strategy, a BUSINESS MODEL, an impactful ADVERTISING/PR CAMPAIGN, an EVENT PRODUCTION, a new WEBSITE, or a coordinated SOCIAL MEDIA PRESENCE.