there are 4 good reasons to contact us. at least.



things are getting complex and you need a hand



you want to build out an idea, but it’s daunting



you think your people need support



you need to reach your audience with engaging content

Roger Mitchell

the 10th man

from hard-nosed finance to soft skills in selling, Roger has managed and led at the very top tables in the creative industries. Clients have always listened.
So should you.

Raffaella Cardarelli

the gold standard

whether it’s deep strategy, marketing, mentoring or project execution, Raffaella always delivers clients the 5 stars. Leading by example, she is our CEO.

Sàndor Von Mallasz

the composer

if music is the soundtrack to our lives, Sàndor sets the “just-perfect” mood. He will listen to your story, and tell you how music can work best for you and your brand.

Letizia Marazzi

the social guru

letizia = joy. And she is in name and in fact! A super quick, intelligent young woman, it is just delightful working with her. A fashion and lifestyle influencer, she delivers the best social media strategies to our clients. A super star in the making.

Grant Williams

the curious scribe

one of the most recognised faces in the financial media world, he is co-founder of real vision and author of ttmygh, a widely read financial publication. an avid Fulham fan, he cohosts the Albachiara sport podcast.

Giulia Pagnozzi

the shaper

a natural talent, Giulia is a super account director. Empathetic, reliable and organised, she successfully leads every project in her own effective laid-back style. Always making the difference.

Giles Morgan

the captain

one of sports marketing’s most experienced leaders. a renowned sponsor of events and tournaments. a bridge between the brand and the fan.

Jacopo Ziliotto

the dude

if Jeff Bridges had a real job, it would be this one. Jacopo gets your narrative across to clients and staff via the graphic arts, using only what’s really important. He makes it all seem so natural. It flows. It fits.

Claudia Pagnozzi

the creative act

sensitive, acute and visionary, Claudia is our art director. No matter the brief, she always delivers. Her innate elegance and sophistication resonate in every creative project she is in charge of.

Luca Borgese

the web magician

not just an excellent webmaster, Luca is also a curious, creative and effective graphic designer. A problem solver by natural inclination, every technicality is a welcome challenge for him.

Brian Phillpotts

the engineer

basically invented the big data industry in sports marketing, with his vision and an obsession with precision. He reads the small words. There is literally nothing he doesn’t know about making money in rights and content.