C-Suite Advisory

Organizations, established or new, need to understand how their customers have evolved in the digital era. No longer understanding them will eventually lead to an unrecoverable loss of value.
Albachiara has developed a consumer-centric process, where the “why” of the customer shapes every strategy and every action.

How we operate

“So you are ad interim managers? Or consultants? I’m confused.”
The world today is full of advisors, often between jobs, whose offering is unclear.

The Albachiara offering is instead very clear: we analyse companies’ problems and needs, and then frame customised solutions, upon which we execute, based on clients’ needs.

In short: “what’s your problem?”

We know from experience that articulating the problem with the client is only the start.
We know we’ll get asked to find the solution.


knowledge transfer
We know stuff. And we share it.

radical change management
We are bold. We promote and provoke diversity of thinking.

a shoulder-to-the wheel resource
We invest time up front in getting clear objectives; ie a passion for strategic planning – adapting and aligning risk with the client.
We flex to the clients needs, also with regards to our remuneration
We proactively use technology for maximum creativity and disruption.

If needed, for optics and politics, we can take titles in the client organization. Ad interim CEO CFO, CMO, SVP Special Projects. Always bringing with us the “digital hat”.



What is common is that the assignment ALWAYS lasts longer than was envisaged. The client usually likes to keep us around.
We have several examples of companies we are still working for or have worked for longer than 5 years. The most recent being Vipera, iosport, Punkt, Givemesport.



We have direct sector experience in TMT, content, sports and creative industries inevitably linked to technology and digital.
Our skillsets attract big consultancies, PE investors, and other financial players looking for advice.
So, that’s where we tend to work, internationally: UK, Italy and rest of EU, Switzerland, USA, Asia and EMEA.

Because we know them up close, we write about these industries quite regularly. Have a look at our Journal.