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From the boardroom to the locker rooms, sport catches imagination like little else. In this podcast we talk to the men and women, who make the big decisions and those who make the big plays to find where sport is; and, importantly, where it is going. We do so for the only eyes that matter: those of the fan!

Season 5, Episode 7: In the second show of this brand new series, Andy Nicol & Giles Morgan explore the many and extraordinary familial ties that exist in sport and how those bonds can help forge and nurture ambition. We also debate what pressures they can create. Is nature more important than nurture?  
In this episode, we are with the former Wallaby legend Michael Lynagh and his son Louis –  who is fast following in his father’s footsteps as one of Harlequins up and coming rugby players. Brought to you by Loch Lomond Whiskies.