Una Finestra sul Lago & Onda

Who they are

In 2017 Glauco Noseda, Jacopo Martignoni and Nathan Martignoni turned their dream of starting an iconic restaurant in Lake Como into reality. They acquired “Una Finestra Sul Lago” in Carate Urio and never looked back!

In a very short period of time, these three young guys managed to turn a bland “pizzeria” into a highly respected fine dining restaurant, which offers one of the most beautiful views of Lake Como. This success, in our opinion, is the result of their humanistic approach to entrepreneurship, combined with a strong service-led vision. When one visits “la Finestra”, the food is as good as one would expect; what, however, makes the restaurant so unique is the laid-back, quirky, and understated glamourous atmosphere surrounding the guests, who are treated like friendly royalties.

In June 2023, building on this success and on the know-how gained through managing their first restaurant, these entrepreneurs took the opportunity to acquire a second, historical Restaurant located in Cernobbio: “Onda”.
This new restaurant, with a very different offer from the first one, is more family-oriented and traditionally Italian. Business is thriving and, so far, the restaurant has been closed for only 3 weeks soon after Christmas 2023, despite seasonality of this industry is quite strong in Lake Como.
We know that these two Restaurants will not be the last ones in their portfolio and this is why we got involved with these very young, visionary guys.

They are, in fact, the same people behind the banqueting and catering firm Spuma, which we also helped come to life with naming, service and brand positioning, and marketing/sales/financial advisory.

What we did

Una Finestra sul Lago

We have been managing the restaurant’s marketing strategy, the development of all social media content, the media plan and the seasonal menus.

Moreover, we have restructured and reskinned their website and devised concept and comms for special initiatives and activations, like the participation to the “Cocktail Week” yearly competition. The Restaurant won the communication award as the most original story telling of the 2022 edition.

The feed you see portrayed here is an example of how we realised the brand’s creativity for Instagram during the launch of the new 2023 communication campaign. A combination of static shots and videos aimed at communicating the Restaurant’s quality of service, the work on details of their talented staff and the restaurant’s Italian cool.

We have also helped with their active searching for personnel, which is historically a big issue for this industry. High turnover and lack of appeal of the hospitality business. We, therefore, put together an HR campaign highlighting the strong points of this employer. Human centricity, excellent benefits, attention to mental health, strong teamwork. We also highlighted the team’s values so to attract like-minded talents, keen to move to this magic place by the shores of Lake Como and to share the founders’ work and life philosophy. This campaign, apart from attracting the interest of would-be employees, also increased the sense of belonging of the current team.

Judging from the financial and marketing data, we believe that we have, together, done a great job. The future is bright for Finestra.

Below, some more comms examples, which show how we started positioning the brand at the very beginning. We used graphic visuals to help with the use of the first person narration. As such, the Restaurant started talking to clients about its story, its environment and beliefs. So to elevate the food quality to something more specific: the “Finestra sul Lago“‘s overall experience.


Instagram/Facebook campaigns

You can have a look at the brand’s Instagram and Facebook pages, to see how we tailored the campaigns to each media target.



First and foremost, Albachiara helped with the acquisition of the restaurant, by facilitating negotiations with the seller and advising on financing options.

Once acquired, we had only 5 weeks to come up with logo, positioning, décor styling, menus and website, plus all the necessary for the launch of the restaurant, which was on June 1st2023. The video on show above summarises the big day, which saw all the movers and shakers of Lake Como gathering for this historical re-opening.

How did we manage that? In the only way we know: working hard as a team, process-led without losing creativity, highly structured and focused on the final objective. The restaurant’s owners have been also great at cooperating with us, never tired, positive all through and trusting us during it all. Without them, we couldn’t have done it!

Since then, we have developed all communications aimed at building the brand’s equity and its domestic and international awareness.
Below, you can see a selection of our work, both static and dynamic, which generated huge traffic and engagement which then translated into much better financial results than budgeted. For “Onda”, the future is bright!


Instagram/Facebook campaigns

A mix of professional shots on plates choices, ambience and interior design, intertwined with graphics promoting special evenings at the restaurant. This was necessary to build brand awareness locally whilst communicating how the founders changed this Restaurant for the locals and the International clientele visiting Cernobbio during the high season.


Staff’s reels

One of the characteristics of this Restaurant is the laid back and cool vibe, which mirrors the mix of diverse personalities of its staff. We thought it was important to try and show this and we shot a series of video reels portraying each individual’s passion. We also got them to choose their most representative music and we edited the videos using the selected track. You can see the result in Onda’s Instagram page. Down here, the video reels thumbnails.

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