Una Finestra sul Lago & Onda

Who they are

In 2017 Glauco Noseda, Jacopo Martignoni and Nathan Martignoni managed to turn their dream of starting an iconic restaurant in Lake Como into reality.

In a very short period of time, these three young guys managed to take the restaurant “Una Finestra Sul Lago”, from a bland “pizzeria” to a highly respected gourmet restaurant, in a magic location which offers one of the most beautiful views of Lake Como. This success, in our opinion, is the result of their humanistic approach to entrepreneurship, combined with a strong service-led vision. When one visits, the food is very good as one would expect; but what makes the restaurant so unique is the laid-back, quirky and understated glamourous atmosphere surrounding the guests, who are treated like royalties. Moreover, their natural inclination to communication led them to involve us to help with communicating this combination of human factor, talent and Italian cool. Judging from the financial and marketing data, we believe we have, together, done a great job.

In June 2023, building on this success and the know-how gained in the meanwhile, these founders took the opportunity to acquire a second, historical Restaurant located in Cernobbio: Onda.In this case we helped them from the negotiation of the deal, to the decor of the restaurant, the logo, the brand positioning and the communication strategy and execution. Onda, with a very different offer from “Una Finestra Sul Lago”, more family-oriented and traditionally Italian, is going really well and, so far, has been closed for only 3 weeks soon after Christmas, despite seasonality of the industry is quite strong in Lake Como.

We know that these two Restaurants will not be the last ones in their portfolio and this is why we got involved with these very young, visionary guys.