Are you not entertained?

From the boardroom to the locker rooms, sport catches imagination like little else. In this podcast we talk to the men and women, who make the big decisions and those who make the big plays to find where sport is; and, importantly, where it is going. We do so for the only eyes that matter: those of the fan!

Season 3, Episode 4: The Groundsmen discuss the imminent Armageddon in the sports industry. How bad is it going to be? Just follow the money, or lack of it! This is the time to acknowledge that the drastic changes we are experiencing, because of Covid19 and the speed of technological advances, are there to stay. Probably for ever. Unprecedented paradigm shifts, which are putting sport in jeopardy of not surviving this perfect storm. The status quo is, therefore, not an option. The sports, entertainment and media industries need to start innovate and stop reacting to the next event. A discussion not for the faint-hearted.