Are you not entertained?

From the boardroom to the locker rooms, sport catches imagination like little else. In this podcast, we talk to the men and women, who make the big decisions and those who make the big plays to find where sport is; and, importantly, where it is going. We do so for the only eyes that matter: those of the fan!

Season 3, Episode 14: This week on the Big Interview we discuss the industry with a real kingmaker and powerbroker, George Pyne of Bruin Sports Capital. How is he setting out his stall for intense change? Is sport still about serious competition or just entertainment? What makes sport authentic for fans? Can investors still be interested in empty stadia? Why are data so important for the future of the industry? How can one maximise the life value of a customer despite the pandemic? George brings his own very personal and professional perspective on the macro-trends of the industry based on the experience matured through an enviable global career.

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