Are you not entertained?

Today, much of what sport has always meant to true fans, has been lost in a blizzard of corporate communications, fireworks and froth. As a result, the attachments, that were once so strong, seem more trivial in the global age of televised sport as entertainment. What was once authentic, is increasingly staged. In this podcast, we’ll get back to the things that sport has always meant to true fans.

Season 2, Episode 10: The lads are this week joined by senior sports insider Andy “the nugget” Sutherden from industry giant CAA. Very spikey discussions around: Gomez/Sterling; “media bollocks”; PE investment in sport; new faces in tennis; Man City and FFP; Taylor Swift getting “scootered”; defending the Carabao Cup; Logan/KSI; did the Leeds doc turn boomerang; great insight into building the Beckham brand; finally, are bookmakers good sponsors; what about the future of sports partnership. And, of course, Timmy Tryline.