Who they are

Wylab is an incubator with a specific focus on sports and technology.

Its mission is to select talented and unique teams to invest on, and to help them grow their businesses.

We do believe this strategic direction is valid for the following reasons:

  • Innovation – we are the first Sports Tech Incubator in Italy and there are, at present, only a few similar entities in Europe.
  • Growth – innovation in the Sports industry is growing at a very fast pace.
  • Talent scouting – we strongly believe that the sports tech industry will be able to attract young and creative talents more than any other business industry.


Sports and opportunities

Wylab, as the first Italian SportsTech Incubator, offers to early stage startups a program which enables the development of great products and services. The sport industry is indeed growing at an unprecedented pace, opening this market to new exciting opportunities.

We address the needs of those who are looking for technology to improve their performances, their team strategies and their audience experiences.

Wylab’s goal is to build an international center, where ideas can be transformed into successful businesses. In order to achieve this goal, we developed a customised program. This enables the selection of the best creative minds and supports them to reach their target markets.


Technology and co-working

Startups share their office spaces with a community of young professionals, designers, agencies and small businesses. Co-working helps them develop the best possible products.
Contamination is, in fact, the key to success!
As a consequence, our long-term objective is to build a new exciting environment. It in fact supports entrepreneurship initiatives and increases the presence of high tech expertises in the tech innovation area.


Wylab’s startups



We validate models and products, to help each startup reach their market.
Wylab, as a matter of fact, aims to be an international excellence center
for the incubation and acceleration of sportstech startups.

Sportstech startup incubator