Who they are

Towards the end of 2008, Petter Neby – a multi-talented Norwegian entrepreneur – called Albachiara to discuss a business idea for a new consumer electronics start-up. Petter had identified a market niche based on the principle of “less is more” in the ever-complicated and saturated consumer electronics industry.

With a common passion for electronics and design, Petter and Albachiara hatched Punkt.. A nascent brand, in a crowded marketplace dominated by giants, which aspired to reinterpret consumer electronics.

What we did

Albachiara was involved in the definition of the business idea and source revenue model. This entailed a full strategic analysis of the consumer electronics market, the identification of the marketing positioning of this nascent brand and the construction of the business strategy.

The core competences, necessary to fulfil that vision, were also identified, following which Albachiara started the set-up of the company in Switzerland, hiring professionals from all over Europe and beyond and closing commercial agreements with distribution partners in 11 countries and with Asian and Eastern European ODMs for product production.

We managed to hire Jasper Morrison, one of the most important living designers, as Art Director of the product line.

The first two products were, in the meanwhile, successfully launched globally and, over the following years, Punkt. managed to establish a credible presence in the market through a strong brand proposition acquired through clever digital communication and distribution strategies.


Consumer electronics
CEO with primary remit to develop the business internationally