Who they are

Nyaliswiss are a professional advisory firm specialised in providing project management services internationally.
We offer offer three distinctive and high-powered services:

Middle management services

  • Working smartly is a matter of management and strategy. We offer deep expertise and up-to-date best practices to guide companies on new working patterns.
  • Digital is not only a trend, but a true mindset.
    Nyali Swiss provides management, advising, training and support for optimizing workflows and creating new ways of team interaction.
  • Team working has to stick to effective rules, especially if teams are virtual. We accompany organizations to structure solid team systems and manage them.

Top management services

  • We offer support to create and manage Internal Start-Ups and Sounding Boards, innovative ways of coping with the company challenges whilst involving, mixing and empowering both young and mature employees competences.
  • Innovative problem solving and continuous competencies improvement: these are the core points of evolution, growth and a costant and healthy performance peak.
  • We provide solid training, advising and management to upgrade the newly employed’s academic skills and to empower the existing resources’ competencies, renewing them to match the evolving company requirements.

Value fare

  • Young employees often need to find a connection with their new company in order to offer the best performance. This is why we offer an Employer Branding program to empower their potential and accelerate their professional growth.
  • Potential is there to be discovered and fostered. This is why we created Mind & Body Academy, a place where all employees can find or reboost their best self, personally and professionally.
  • The keep the productivity level at pace, the most mature profiles inside a company sometimes need to reinvent themselves. Nyali Swiss provides complete motivational training programmes to guide to a new professional evolution.

Management services, edutech and learning programs