Virtus Entella

Who they are

Virtus Entella, commonly referred to as Entella, is an Italian football club based in Chiavari, Liguria. They currently play in Serie B.

Antonio Gozzi, chairman since 2007, has been revolutionising the club. He successfully managed to take the team, from bankruptcy, back to professional football.

Entella has one of the best Italian “cantere” and, therefore, a bright future ahead. It has in fact developed high profile footballers, who are competing successfully in Serie A. Thanks to a capable and united management team, the Club can indeed aspire to scenarios, which seemed impossible 10 years ago.

What we did

In 2019 Albachiara worked closely with the Club’s chairman and top executives to design, for the first time in a professional football club, a training experience aimed at developing strategic, leadership and communication skills for 14 top managers and 50 coaches.

The 1-week intense and highly innovative learning programme has been so successful, that the Club asked Albachiara to devise, for 2020 and beyond, an ongoing sports skills development programme. We are therefore putting together specific and tailored content and experiential management activities in the areas of asset play, AI, wearables, sports data analytics and management.

The Courses will be, as always, highly interactive and practical and will host illustrious guests, in the areas of both sports tech and football management.


Sports management
Trained the Club’s top management and 50 coaches on strategy, leadership and communication skills.
Devised a strategic business development plan