Duferco Group

Who they are

Duferco is a highly qualified, modern and diversified Group, with its core activities in the Energy, Industrial and Shipping businesses.

Born with an international mindset, the Group operates across the globe in 20 different countries. It has today more than 100 companies, operative offices and industrial sites.

In 2019, the Group celebrated its 40th birthday. Their history is indeed a long story of growth and diversification.

The legacy with the past and the ability to capture fundamental trends in business, is a key heritage that lives deeply in the mindset of the “people of Duferco”. This is the basis for the future developments of the Group.

Embracing innovation and digitization, the Group is investing in new advanced tools (machine learning, AI, IoT, etc. …) and is growing a digital BIS and big data culture.

What we did

Albachiara is an advisor to the family owners of the group, dealing with the softer management challenges around succession planning and generational change.
Principally in assessing the readiness of the group, its structures, and its human resources, planning for intense innovation and disruption.
Change management via executive education and corporate communication.

For example, following the implementation of a Skills Gap Analysis, we have developed a strategic plan addressing emerging managerial issues. One of the first activities we implemented was the DufercoDay, an institutional event celebrating the company’s 40 years of history, which communicated to more than 800 global employees the culture and values of this international Group.

This is currently an operational project, working closely with key management, and offering insight and coaching.


Duferco Group

Advising on corporate strategy, core values and competences, marketing and succession plan