The Sport Summit Como is an annual sports business conference hosted by private advisory firm Albachiara. The event takes place in breathtaking Lake Como, for 2 days, each September. The third edition will take place on the 19th and 20th September 2024. You can have a look at all editions through our Gallery below. The gathering is by invite only and includes the sector’s most influential movers and shakers. Discussing macro sport, and its role in the media and entertainment businesses!


There is currently no private conference for sport’s CSuite, the way Allen&Co Sun Valley is for the media sector.
Existing conferences are like trade fairs, with mid-level salespeople, talking corporate PR.
Thanks to 22 years of hands-on experience in the sport’s industry, the award-winning AYNE podcast, the Sunday Columns and the recently published book “Sport’s Perfect Storm”, Albachiara have built up the trust and respect of a natural community of guests at the highest level.
The Sport Summit Como is the sport’s perfect storm debate brought to life in a prestigious international location that these events demand.

How And Where

This isn’t just another conference!
Conducive to the best conversations and networking.
Chatham House Rules to allow honest opinions, and healthy debate.
The power of 50 of the top brains, all contributing to sport’s most important conversations.

Why Lake Como?
Albachiara Italy is based in Como, and has become our spiritual home.
It is the perfect place to visit, also with families.
The lake, as a location, and as a state of mind, is very much the style of Albachiara and AYNE. Quality, yet relaxed.
A needed treat for your eyes and tastebuds during these demanding times for all.
Because if you’re going to do something, do it well!

Count every second
until the event








Envision The Future Of Sports

If you are an invitee, click here to enter the Summit’s private area with the password you received