The Bad Panda

Who we are

The Bad Panda is a communication agency specialised in dressing any type of company’s narrative with the best suit.
Main objective is, of course, gaining as much engagement as possible from existing and potential customers alike.

Their work starts with developing customised graphic design, tailored to the identified target’s needs and expectations. Their best quality is, in fact, knowing people and their favourite, specific language. This is, indeed, at the base of communication effectiveness: The Bad Panda’s professionals are real experts at this.

They, as a matter of fact, work for both B2B and B2C organisations. Helping telling their story, attract new customers or sell a product or service.

Their expertise involves both dynamic and static communication:

  1. video making, animations, special effects
  2. websites, digital platforms, newsletters
  3. creativity and artwork for online and offline communication campaigns
  4. events content creation
  5. specialised in VR technology, they can also produce specific technical immersive training for corporations

Some of their work is here below.

  • Acer

  • Ray-Ban

  • Ferrari

  • Burger King

  • BIM Academy

The Bad Panda
Consumer engagement & Storytelling