Are you not entertained?

From the boardroom to the locker rooms, sport catches imagination like little else. In this podcast, we talk to the men and women, who make the big decisions and those who make the big plays to find where sport is; and, importantly, where it is going. We do so for the only eyes that matter: those of the fan!

Season 4, Episode 25: Red Bird Capital’s Managing Partner Gerry Cardinale joins Roger & Giles in the final Pumpjack Dataworks Big Interview of 2021. Gerry, a titan in the world of investment, has overseen a remarkable portfolio of global investments in sports, since he last talked to us 18 months ago. From European Football to NFL. From ice-hockey and cricket to sports content & technology. This show provides a masterclass in sports financing. Gerry’s own reflections shed a bright light on where the sports world is heading in 2022.