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From the boardroom to the locker rooms, sport catches imagination like little else. In this podcast, we talk to the men and women, who make the big decisions and those who make the big plays to find where sport is; and, importantly, where it is going. We do so for the only eyes that matter: those of the fan!

Season 4, Episode 2: The PumpJack Dataworks Big Interview this week meets Brett Gosper onto the show.  The newly appointed Head of the NFL in UK & Europe, Brett was formerly CEO of World Rugby from 2012-2020 and, prior to that, one of the senior figures in the global advertising industry.  A fine rugby player in his own right, Brett represented the Racing Club de France for 9 years. Moreover, had it not been for the mercurial brilliance of David Campese, he could well have been a regular in the Wallaby setup.