Are you not entertained?

Today, much of what sport has always meant to true fans, has been lost in a blizzard of corporate communications, fireworks and froth. As a result, the attachments, that were once so strong, seem more trivial in the global age of televised sport as entertainment. What was once authentic, is increasingly staged. In this podcast, we’ll get back to the things that sport has always meant to true fans.

Season 2, Episode 4: Chris Sweeney joins Giles, Grant and Roger to discuss his book on Thomas Gravesen, the last of the football mavericks. From porn stars to poker and knocking out Ronaldo’s teeth. What is today’s role of the sporting maverick. Will we ever see the likes of John Daly, Brian Barnes, Gazza, or Cantona again? How do you coach them? And, therefore, how do sponsors manage the latent risks? Leave any snowflake tendencies at the door.